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Night Vision Filters

Near Infrared (NIR) cut-off Night Vision filters are used in various applications and can be found in many devices which are used in everyday life. However for more demanding applications in display or image sensing where natural colours are required specially designed filters are required. iDisplays range of filters provide outstanding visible transmission along with high levels of blocking to meet stringent radiance limits due to the steep NIR cut-off. Our filters are used in some of the most advanced applications in display and sensing systems on land, air and space.

The iDisplays -NVIS range is designed to work in challenging environments and is optically stable at extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Product Details


  • NVIS Compatibility for LCD panel displays
  • Radiance to Mil-85762A standard
  • Conventional & LED compatible designs
  • Backlight & Sidelight format options


  • A flexible format for several current & emerging display structures.
  • Options for EL and LED illumination
  • Backlight & sidelight compatible
  • Non-disruptive to polarisation
  • Can be fitted pre- or post- LCD panel


  • A highly effective combination of optical filter coating & absorbing glass for NVIS compatibility of flat panel displays.
  • Meets Mil-85762A Radiance limits
  • Wide angle performance
  • Can be customised to all types of illumination options (such as CFC and LED)
  • Suitable for insertion in COTS units

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