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Rugged Laptop

iDisplays is an established specialist supplier of displays and embedded solutions for industrial and military users worldwide. In conjunction with our technical sales team, our in-house support team will help you to optimise your designs and thereby achieve its maximum potential. it is our aim to provide you with a quality product best suited to meet the rigorous demands of your particular application.

Rugged Laptop Mil-Sys RL Series:

Processor Intel® Core™ i7−4700EQ, 4×2.4 GHz
Memory up to 8GB
Storage SSD 2x256GB minimum
Display Full HD 15.6″ 1920×1080 EMI/RFI shielded
Interfaces USB – 4,RS232/422 – 4,ethernet – 1,LPT – 1,microphone – 1,audio (stereo) – 1,HDMI – 1,SVGA – 1
Video Radeon E6760 1 Gb RAM
CD R/CD RW/DVD R/DVD RW slot type – 1
Camera 2MP
Power supply built in battery,external 12-32VDC
Power consumption 200W with heater
Battery operation built in – 5 hours,external – 5 hours
Outline dimensions, mm 400/350/90
Weight, Kg 9.0
Operating temperature -20C + 60C – battery operation,-40C + 60C – external power supply
Humidity 100%, 35ºС, 60-107kPa
Survival temperatures will restore functionality after being subjected to:-65C,+70C
Vibration 4g, 1-80 Hz
Shock, multiple 15g, 5-10ms
Shock, single 100g, 1-5ms
Rain intensity 5mm/min
Static Dust / Sand 2gr/m3 at air flow 0.5 – 1m/s

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