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Simulator Hardware

IDISPLAYS have a large experience in design, development, and integration of Simulator systems hardware, these know-how positions us as one of the leader in the supply of Simulator systems hardware for various aircrafts and defence products in INDIA and global market.
We have successfully integrated various Aircraft Simulator units in INDIA and have been accepted and used by the customers widely.
Our Simulator hardware (Switches / Instruments etc) are made to look and feel the exact of the original equipments giving the user the real experience and training to the maximum level.
In case you need any more specification details please do contact us with your applications, we would be glad to offer the best cost effective solutions.
Having trouble finding a product that meets all of your requirements? IDISPLAYS can solve your dilemma with our design team to develop product to meet your requirements. We follow a disciplined, multi-staged, engineering design approach that consistently leads to great results. Please contact us for more details.

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