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Multifunction Displays

iDisplays Specialises in making the Multifunction displays for various simulator applications, we design the product to the customer’s requirements and can meet all the specifications in terms of mechanical and electrical.

iDisplays multi function displays are flexible, exceedingly configurable systems. They are designed to make available a user-friendly, comprehensive display solution for all simulation applications. Multi function display offers unparalleled functionality, thick packaging and confirmed reliability in a few of the most rugged military helicopters as well as fixed-wing aircraft. As a smart display, it is equipped for showing video from sensors amalgamated with graphics to give upgraded situational awareness in all stages of flight.

iDisplays Multi Function Display merges, terrain, weather radar, traffic navigation map as well as other information into a solitary, space-saving (6.24" x 4.82") display instrument. This incorporated approach in security data enhances the pilot's capability to guard in all conditions by giving safety information in a reasonable and short format.

Key Features:

• Intelligent/programmable display solution that can be customized to imitate the form and usefulness of Multifunction Displays (MFDs) for simulators
• Capable of rendering top notch graphics and instrumentation
• Modular design encourages design adaptability and nonstop alteration/development to meet static or changing prerequisites
• Support for most resolutions, LCD sizes, and grades (industrial or military)
• Option of LED backlight (high brightness, Extended Color Gamut [ECG], standard luminance, NVIS or multifunction)
• Range of overlays with mechanical mounting or optical bond
• Choice of multi-function carrier/motherboards to go with LCD size as well as reduce footstep and cost
• Variety of CPUs to match with budgetary as well as performance needs
• Support for wide range of standard connectivity
• Support for a different operating systems

General Features

  • Panel Connectivity: Supports All LCD TFT Panels up to 4096x2160 (True-4K) - 4 :3 and 16:9
  • Offset and Gain adjustment
  • Interlaced or progressive inputs
  • Extensive video blending, including: RGB key, luma key, HSV key, alpha blend, symbology-encode alpha, blue alpha, more
  • Supports, VGA, DVI , HDMI, RGBHV, PAL/NTSC , RS343, RS-170
  • Supports Separate H/V Sync , Composite H/V Sync (TTL Levels) and Sync-on-Green (SOG)
  • 2.5 Video Graphic Modes Compatibility
  • All standard video graphic modes up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 / 120 Hz
  • Horizontal Frequency 15Khz to 85Khz (Max 162MHz Clock rate) ,Vertical Frequency 50 to 120Hz
  • 2.6 Image Control by On-Screen Display (OSD)
  • Brightness , Contrast ,Sharpness, Colour Temperature phase and frequency adjustments
  • Horizontal and Vertical position, Auto Adjustments
  • PIP / POP support

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